About Yolanda Valencia

Yolanda Valencia is the Science and Engineering Department Chair of Gulliver Academy Middle School a nationally recognized PLTW Model School. Yolanda is a certified PLTW Master teacher in all PLTW Gateway units and has trained teachers throughout the country on how to implement PLTW’s innovative curriculum.

Over the summer, Yolanda conducts an engineering camp that over the course of a one month period this past June, served one hundred students and taught them robotics, computer programming, principles of engineering and designing for 3D printing. She designed an "all-girls" engineering course that has become very popular at the middle school and continues to find ways of making engineering both accessible and fun for her students. Her teaching style is to inspire and motivate her students to continue their studies in STEM fields. She runs a project-based class allowing students to problem-solve as engineers do in the real world.

Mrs. Valencia has been teaching for 16 years now. She received her undergraduate education from Northeastern University in Boston where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a Minor in Secondary Education in 2000. She then went on to receive a Master's Degree in Education from Endicott College, MA in 2001 and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Education with a specialization in technology integration at Johns Hopkins University. She taught Middle School physical science for six years before being named the engineering teacher seven years ago. Her style of teaching has been shaped by both teaching experiences in a Montessori school in Boston and her real-world research work at the Cardiovascular Targeting Center Laboratory at Northeastern University. Last year she had the opportunity to present at SXSW Edu. the ‘Startup Mentality’. Yolanda Valencia was born in Havana, Cuba in 1976 and then immigrated to Miami from Cuba in 1979.Yolanda has a daughter, Sophie who is 4 years old.