About Lizette Mendoza

Lizette Mendoza, one of six females in a class of 32 students, graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. Involved in a full-time dual enrollment program, College Academy (CA), her final two years of high school, she graduated with a high school diploma and Associate of Arts Degree at age 18, and completed her academic career at the age of 21. She first discovered her interest programming from her father, and in Computer Science when she enrolled in her first programming course at CA at age 16.

In addition to programming, Lizette also has a passion for teaching. Wishing she had learned about programming at a younger age, she enjoyed the opportunity to spend her summer of 2016 as the Lead Instructor at the CODeLLA summer camp, sharing with young girls, ages 8 to 12, the fundamental computer programming concepts in a fun, interactive way! She also got to help girls learn how to program their own computer games with the new skills they aquired.