About Joyce Davis

Joyce L. Davis, M.A. has been a dedicated teacher and mentor for more than 15 years having taught in middle schools in both Maryland and Florida. She has served on several boards of education at the secondary and tertiary levels and has participated in numerous advocacy programs that promote excellence and self-development among adolescents.

As the Founder and Executive Director of Pearl Girlz, LLC, Joyce has a clearly defined mission to "Celebrate the Unique Pearl in Every Girl" by providing female bullying prevention workshops and health self-esteem building seminars in her 10-week Pearl Girlz Education & Empowerment Program located in North Miami Beach. The curriculum is designed to educate and empower elementary, middle and high school girls with the necessary tools to be successful in life, to appreciate their total beauty and to be proud of their own unique identity.

Joyce is originally from Maryland where she attended the University of Maryland at College Park and earned her bachelor's honors degree. She also studied at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland where she received her master's degree in Leadership and Teaching with a concentration in English. Demonstrating excellence and dedication within her profession, Joyce has been recognized as National Speaker for the past three years at the National Girl Bullying and School Discipline Conference held in Las Vegas, Chicago and Atlanta. Ms. Davis currently serves as the Vice President of the Ancient Spanish Monastery Foundation and on the Board of Directors for the Greater North Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.