About Grace Margarita Taco Lasso

My name is Grace Margarita Taco Lasso, I was born in Quito – Ecuador. Quito is a small andean city, the capital of Ecuador, surrounded by mountains and cold weather.

I am the oldest of 3, my two siblings are Wladimir with 31 years old and Ramiro 28. I had the blessing to grow up in a nice and warm home, with my parents Gloria and Guillermo, both of them economists, and my grandma Victoria. I am 34 years old, married with no kids.

During my childhood my parents always tried to inspire me on having a successful career. They taught me how important is for a woman or a man to study and get a degree. They always told me that the education is the best heritage they can give to me and showed me with their example how far we can get with being perseverant in our goals.

Throughout my life, I saw how my mother developed her skills to be a great mom, taking care of me and my brothers, a great professional. She was a successful treasury manager in one of the most important banks of Ecuador. She taught me how to be a great spouse and how to love myself. I can say my mom has been my life role model. She taught me to take care of myself and how to love myself. Because, as I care and love to myself, I can love and take care of others as well.

I studied all my primary and high school in the same place, my beloved Colegio the America, and got an accounting degree. Then in college, I got my bachelor degree in Business Administration, in Universidad Catolica del Ecuador and then.. My MBA in Universidad San Francisco de Quito. In the MBA, I was the youngest student in the class. I decided to continue my studies as soon as I finished college, even before I got my diploma..

I started working in DIRECTV in 2009, in the marketing department in Ecuador after more than 8 years of experience working in advertising agency.

My passion is marketing, advertising and entertainment, so when I got the opportunity to work in DIRECTV. I was flattered. I won a long selection process between 20 people, where experience was a very important fact (I started with my first job at 17 years old).

After 2 years working in DIRECTV in Ecuador, I received the opportunity to move to Miami to work in the ad sales department. I came here with my husband 5 years ago. I enjoy my life and my work every day. I work selling advertisement spaces for global brands as Coca – Cola, Nike, Adidas, KIA and had participated in many global sports events as Olympic Games, Soccer World Cup, etc. I travel a lot visiting my clients and attending events across all South America and Mexico.

During my two years in Ecuador, I got three advertising prizes, some of the best of the industry called “el Ojo de Iberoamerica” and “ Condor de Oro”. Those prizes were the result of great team work with more than 10 people in my media agency.

My normal day is 6:30 AM get up, by 7 finish my daily meditation, until 8 I had cooked our (mine and husband’s) breakfast and lunch, then at 8:30 go to work until 6pm. At 6:30 I go to the gym and at 8pm I finally arrive home to share with my husband and my dog.

I mentioned before that taking care of ourselves is very important to take care of others. That is why I meditate and go to the gym. That allows me to stay focused for my job and perform all duties during the day, including housekeeping, cooking and all other stuff.

I look forward to continue with my professional career, to have kids in the future and give them a nice and warm home as the one I had. And continue my path as a modern woman applying everything my mom taught me: how to be a great wife, sister, daughter, professional and someday a mom.