About Elizabeth King

Elizabeth King is the VP, Digital Solutions Community & Ecosystem for Gerber Technology, LLC. Elizabeth joined Gerber in 2008 and through her leadership has executed global growth strategies in various roles. She is currently responsible for technology partnerships to grow the software ecosystem and community through events, relationships with academia and online communities.

Elizabeth earned a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Fashion Design from the University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX.

In addition to her career in the fashion and technology fields she has held a faculty position educating the next generation by sharing her expertise. Some of her previous roles included Adjunct faculty at El Centro Community College, Director of technical services for Haggar Clothing Co., Director of product development for Galey & Lord, Pre-production manager for Initiatives, Inc., and Product development supervisor of Eddie Haggar Ltd., in addition to other freelance business consulting, technical design and pattern design positions over the past two decades.

Based in Dallas, TX, she has co-hosted Gerber's ideation software conference for the past 8 years and attended as a client prior to joining Gerber. She is the mother of 1, stepmother of 2 and proud grandmother of 5. All the grandchildren are under 6 years old, so this is a fun and exciting time both professionally and personally.