About Denise Mendez

Denise Mendez is an Electrical Engineer working for Magic Leap as a SW Police Officer. She worked at Motorola and helped ship and manufacture millions of phones travelling to China and Brazil to build their testing systems. She speaks a English, Spanish, a little Portuguese and enough Chinese to find out where the bathroom is ask that there be no Octopus in with her dinner.

Along with being an Engineer, Denise loves ceramics and glass and plays with alchemy in her kilns to create colorful metallic glass surfaces for ceramics. She helps run a ceramics studio where they teach classes and provide a playground for local artists to throw, build, and sculpt clay.

Most recently she has been inspired by the maker phenomenon that companies like AdaFruit (own by an amazing girl engineer) are creating. Denise is using AdaFruit's wearable micro processors and sensors and is sewing into her clothing and programming them to do her bidding.