About Ariel Swedroe

Ariel’s career began at just eight years old, when she enrolled in DesignLab Miami to learn the skills and techniques necessary to become an aspiring fashion designer. She had the chance to meet Stella McCartney during an event in her grandfather’s home for Art Basel 2012. Her passion soon became a business as she launched her namesake fashion brand, Swedroe by Ariel. Over the course of five years, she has showcased her technology-inspired designs at E-Merge Americas as one of their Six Designers of Innovative Fashion. Aimed at empowering children and young girls to explore their talent, Ariel has been an invited speaker at CODella and has given a one-day sewing workshop at her studio for the Pearl Girlz. Ariel’s confidence and larger-than-life attitude have assisted her in pursuing her passion for fashion as she launches her Resort Wear Collection.