About Angie Cohen

Angie Cohen is the Founder and Creative Director of DesignLab Miami. Since she opened the studio in 2010, her primarily responsible has been for the creative vision its educational programs as well as for the retail products it produces. Angie is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and spent many years working for some of the country’s leading design houses including Calvin Klein and J.G. Hook.

Angie is passionate about teaching and believes in cultivating young, creative minds which was her main motivation for opening the studio. DesignLab has successfully created new and innovative sewing, fashion, and design over the years for both children and adults. The studio’s recent projects involve fusing fashion and new technology (3D printing, laser cutting, “smart” fabrics, etc.). This exciting process allows a new generation of young designers to express their unique ideas in ways never before imagined. This type of forward thinking plays directly into Angie’s personal mantra of “ANYTHING is possible”!